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.... make a statement with your music    
        for an everlasting memory
From intimate beach weddings to lavish formal receptions, Pizzazz Strings can provide you with live acoustic music that offers an elegant atmosphere to make your wedding one of a kind. We work with you every step of the way to provide music that fits your style. whether it's for your ceremony, for the cocktail hour or for your reception. 
For those that know what they want visit our Choosing Music and Choosing Your Ensemble pages to see the options available. For those still deciding contact Andrea for a guide to your options and a checklist for your event

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The Ceremony

Prelude Music

As guests arrive Prelude Music greets them. As they say their hellos to friends and family, get refreshments and find their seat for the main event, Prelude Music provides a warmth that sets the mood for a special ceremony. Typically Prelude Music lasts between 15 to 25 minutes as guests get settled.

Processional Music

Processional Music marks the entrance of the bridal party. Depending on the size of your bridal party it can take many forms. It can be a simple melody for the Bride or different selections for bridesmaids or parents. It offers a chance for you to make your own statement with special selections of your favorite tunes. Typical procssionals can (but don't need to) include - Music for the parents/grandparents. - Music for the bridesmaids entrance. - Music for the bride's entrance. ..... but its your wedding and you can make it as simple or as eleaborate as you want

Special Ceremony Requests
Recessional Music

During the ceremony you can choose special music for special moments of reflection or personalization. - unity candle or sand ceremony. - communion or prayer. - vocalist or hymns or reflection.

Recessional Music marks the happiest moment - when the party starts ..... happy, celebratory music to send off the couple for the very first time. Music for the couple - the kiss, the introduction of the couple, a glass breaking or the exit

Postlude Music

Postlude music is sometimes necessary as your guests leave to head off to the party, setting the tone for the celebrations. -


The Cocktail Hour

Once your ceremony is over a cocktail hour typically follows before the reception. A cocktail hour provides an opportunity for guests to start the party as you are busy taking pictures. As guests begin to chat a DJ or Band can be too noisy for the conversation and a string ensemble can be ideal..


Consider setting the tone with elegant classical music or ease into the celebrations with some jazz, Disney or pop favorites. Whatever you choose, its a great way to start the party!

Pizzazz Strings provides a special package. Book us for your ceremony and get the cocktail hour for half price.​

The Reception

While many weddings use a band or DJ for the reception some people might prefer to have live music from Pizzazz Strings. The full range of musical styles we offer caters to every taste. With our own audio system available we can scale up an ensemble to carry but not overwhelm a party.  

Choosing the right size ensemble for your party involves several factors personal to your wedding. The string quartet is the classic choice but you can scale up or down depending on your budget or the size of your event. Visit our Choosing an Ensemble Pages for More details

The Pizzazz Strings music list is one of the most extensive In the industry and we are adding to it every day. If you don't see your favorite music we can arrange it for a small fee. With credits on Disney, Amazon and Netflix our arrangers are the best in the business

Using our PA System

Pizzazz Strings is associated with one of the leading recording studios for film and television and can provide a fully wireless portable PA system at an additional charge. It can be used to reinforce our ensembles or to provide a handheld microphone for the officiant.

2 Seinheiser E825-S Microphones
2 Lewitt LCT 040  Microphone
2 Rode NT 55 Microphones

2 Handmade Samar Ribbon Microphones
3 XVive U3 Wireless Transmitters & Receivers with Phantom Power
3 Bose S1 Pro Wireless Speakers

.....more available by request


Your Exclusive Wedding PlaylistOrder Now


Order our recording package with your wedding booking and receive 20% off your personally recorded soundtrack
by Pizzazz Strings. 

Up to twelve of your favorite tunes from your wedding day recorded and delivered to you!

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