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If you don't see the answer to your questions below, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss any aspect of your event and help you plan.

When do the musicians arrive?

We will arrive at your event between 25 - 30 minutes prior to our start time (the time we have arranged with you to play). We will use this time to connect with any wedding coordinators, officiants, or event planners for any last minutes instructions. We typically start playing Prelude music around 15 minutes before the start of a ceremony as guests arrive.

What will the musicans wear?


The musicans' attire is chosen by you from a typical set of options that we can provide.
Our standard formal attire is concert black and tuxedos. If your event is more casual then you can specify the look.

Do the musicians come fully equipped?


The only thing that we need is an armless chairs for each musician. We come with all our equipment including music stands. We are an acoustic ensemble - this means we do not use or require a sound system or electricity to be heard. Please note that if we are playing outside we need a completely shaded area to protect our instruments and can not play in the rain




Will you perform with a guest singer or instrumentalist?

We are often asked to perform with a guest and are happy to do so. A rehearsal is required, which we will ask to schedule about 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. To make sure that it is perfect, we like to be in direct contact with your guest performer well before the event. If the piece is not in our repertoire we require the music three weeks in advance of the event. No extra fee is charged unless the music needs a special arrangement to perform it (see: We have a special song - will you play it?)


We have a special song - will you play it?

If your song is not in our play lists or not easily available for string quartet we are more than happy to arrange any piece you ask for. Please allow three weeks before the event for us to arrange the piece. An additional arrangement fee will apply


How do I select music?

Every part of your wedding is your choice and we want to be there to help. Our play lists can be downloaded from our "music & ensembles" page. Some brides know exactly what music they want but most brides choose from a list of the most popular wedding selections. To help you, we've compiled a list of all the most popular music selections for ceremonies. You can listen to sound samples of us playing them so that you can hear what you like or you could let us know a general musical style so that we can customize a play list for you. You could even request a special song if you don't see it on our play lists (an extra fee will apply). Either way the choice is yours and we want to be able to make it easy for you!


Do you attend the Rehearsal?


It is not typical or necessary for us to attend your rehearsal. Since we have played at thousands of events it is easy for us to co-ordinate everything we need to know in a matter of minutes with the officiant or the event coordinator. We come early to all events to ensure that we are fully prepared and can talk through all the details of your event with the key organizers.  This saves you money since you do not have to hire us twice. Of course if you would feel more comfortable having one of the musicians at the rehearsal we are happy to accomodate you but an additional fee will apply.

Which Parts of the Ceremony do you play?

The Prelude: Before the ceremony starts we typically play as guests arrive. This commonly starts about 15 minutes before the ceremony and includes a selection of light classical pieces (but you could also choose some favorites for us to include).

The Processional: The formal start to the ceremony is the processional (seating of the parents, bridesmaids, flower girls & page boys, entrance of the bride). We typically play one piece for the bridal party and then a special piece for the entrance of the bride but you may have many people in your party and you can always specify exactly what you want.

The Recessional: The ending of the ceremony is celebrated with exit music that is upbeat happy

The Postlude: After the exit of the couple a postlude offers 5-10 minutes of music as your guests exit

Ceremony music: We can also play during the ceremony at special moments such as the lighting of the candle, between readings, communion or during prayers etc The choice is yours and you can often get guidance from an officiant.

In total, this usually lasts between 45-60 minutes




How soon in advance should I contact you to reserve a time?

Book early to avoid disappointment. As soon as you have your date, your time and your venue contact us! We book up early and wedding season is year round. To reserve a date and time with us we require a 50% deposit and a signed contract agreement which we will send you via email or mail. Payments can be made with credit cards online through our website or with money orders and checks. The remaining balance is due three weeks before the event date.


Do the same musicians on this site play at my event?

Pizzazz strings is owned and operated by the musicians who founded it and includes a core of musicians who have been vetted for the highest standards of performance. We guarantee that the ensemble at your event will always include two or more of the owners to ensure that we take responsibility for the quality of the music we provide. It is likely that your event will include all the core musicians but sometimes one or two of us are engaged in concerts with symphony orchestras. Our reputation is made at every event we play at and so we will be happy to provide you with a profile of every musician who will be at your event.


Are you insured?

we carry liability insurance with a covergae of $1 Million


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