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Pizzazz Ensembles

Pizzazz Strings is willing and able to provide any size string ensemble for your event, from a solo player to a full Viennese String Orchestra. Choosing the right package involves a balance between the number of guests you are expecting and the venue. All our ensembles are acoustic and matching the size of the ensemble to the number of guests is an important consideration. 

For an additional fee, a fully wireless PA system with microphones can be provided to amplify the music and assist in announcements.

Our Most Requested Ensemble Packages

04 musicians

The String Quartet

Our most popular ensemble. The Quartet is the classic choice for all occasions, comprising four musicians - two violins, one viola, one cello. It has a rich full sound that is suitable for any type of occassion inside and out. It also has the widest range of musical styles

03 musicians

The String Trio

For the budget conscious the Trio comprises three musicians - violin, viola, cello. Trios offer a good alternative to a Quartet but are not as loud. Trios can be used inside and out for smaller events under 75. The musical choices are varied but more limited than a string quartet

02 musicians

The String Duo

Comprising two musicians - typically violin and cello, the duo is for intimate occasions. It works well indoors but can require support from our sound system when used for events that are larger than 50 or outdoors. It offers a more limited choice of musical styles

01 musician

The Solo Instrument

One musician - either violin, viola or cello. A slightly more unusual option, the solo instrument works well for very intimate occasions where there is not much space. It is ideal for parties of 30 or fewer and typically is more modest in the ranges of musical styles available.

Additional Ensemble Packages

Alternative Instruments & Singers

While we specialize in small string ensembles we can also provide string ensembles which combine with other instruments such as flute, oboe, trumpet, harp, guitar and even piano. As specialist ensembles there are certain limits to the music they can perform. Feel free to inquire about adding an alternative instrument to your event. We can advise you on cost and considerations

The Viennese String Orchestra

To make the ultimate impression for a corporate function or grand wedding ceremony we can provide a full string orchestra. This spectacular ensemble, complete with its own conductor, can provide a full evening's entertainment of traditional classical music in the Vienna Pops Style with waltzes, beautiful classics and even opera!

If you’d like more information about our ensembles, get in touch today.

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